Congress Created Dustbowl


Don't suck it.

Define Bakersfield


Notice in this pic where it says, ‘never syphon by mouth’ — That describes Bakersfield to a T.

In the past, I’ve talked mad-dog trash about living in Las Vegas, but the above stated line about ‘syphoning by mouth’ says everything there is to say about Bakersfield Ca. If I had been born there, I’d have blown my own brains out years ago just to get away. I’d rather not tell our entire story about Bakersfield, I’d just become angry again. For this post, just know that Bakersfield is the new definition of suck.

I had intended to use pictures to simplify the dustbowl story, but having just downloaded them to my computer, not one of them is a good enough picture to tell the story of how bad the agriculture system is suffering in central California. Here is the best picture, and it still doesn’t describe how bad things are for the farmers in the area.


The Dustbowl

Signs of a very hungry future


All across the land, from Bakersfield to south of Oakland, the farms look built upon a desert. This used to be very rich land. See how the sign tells us that water prices are leaping, and this is why food prices are spiking. That makes sense.

Promises of inflation

Why Food is so expensive


There were other signs promoting the ‘Congress  Created Dustbowl,’ and another one calling-out Pelosi, Boxer and some other dude I don’t know as being the masterminds behind high-food costs. I don’t usually come to the defense of Congress, but California is having a drought. Water is scarce. So, water goes up in price – for everybody.


I don’t have all the facts to defend the farmers or congress, I can only make an opinion from a narrow view given while driving on Interstate-5 and seeing an entire county filled with outraged farmers. It is no secret that I never liked Prez W. Bush — not at all — but I never blamed him for Hurricane Katrina.


God did it. Governor Perry prays for rain in Texas, and God says no. I don’t know if California prays like Texas, but God is again saying no if they are praying. I’m gonna blame God.


If Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi truly control California’s rainfall, then they totally suck. I still think the farmers are blaming and petitioning to the wrong source. City people need water too, and people who are not farmers are paying higher water costs as well. The real problem isn’t a lack of water; the real problem is there are too many people in the world.



(I really wanted to be on the side of the farmer when I first had the idea of writing this blog. I doubt our government is intentionally damming the flow of water. Congress might not be the villain for once.)

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