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Pre-post from West Seattle

I’m not home yet.


I’m writing from Sister Calamity’s Apple. I am no lover of Lap-tops and prefer to do my posts from my desktop at home. But, I am grateful to Sister Calamity for letting me use her comp.


We didn’t need to worry about rain, it seems the Las Vegas sunshine followed us here. Rain, which did happen a little was nothing to be concerned with, and the freezing cold I’d expected seems trivial. The humidity helps.  37* here feels like 55* in Vegas. It is like how 92* in Dallas feels like 120* in Vegas– air moisture plays a huge part in the comfort of extreme weather.


I took lots of pictures and I anticipate having about three-posts worth of material not including this one. C-Jane has taken quite a few as well, maybe I’ll burglarize some of her pics too. I hope to have the first post ready by Wednesday night.  See you all soon.





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