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Cinco Denial

(I’ve gotten away from Legal Disclaimers — see about author if you are insulted by anything I’ve written.)

Later this year, C-Jane and I are going to live in Mexico for about five weeks. It is an intensive language program with a cultural immersion. It is a little pricey, but the benefits are going to be priceless. With that said, know I have no ill with our southern neighbor.

It is a day to celebrate Tequila! Yay! Happy Cinco de Mayo! Time run to 7-11 and buy cases of Corona. Do shots of Jose Cuervo, buy limes made in Mexico, eat Taco Bell! Celebrate the fifth of May! Get fat––barf on the side of the road––go to jail for DUI––help make lawyers and judges richer. Happy Cinco!


What do you think? On the 4th of July, do our NAFTA-partners in Tijuana or Juarez buying cases of Bud Light? Sipping some fine Maker’s Mark while grilling hamberguesas and perro calientes? I can see it now–fireworks over Mexico City, Riva Quatro de Julio! Buenos Dios Americano!!

Yeah…I don’t think so.

So with that said, C-Jane has invited her family over for dinner. I invited mine too, but they are terrified of our hosting abilities. They said, “Oh, sorry BigJ, I got to go through my garage and kill spiders that day, maybe next year, fifth of May – nope, booked next year too.” Sure mom, just wait until Mother’s Day, “Oh, what, sorry mom, I got to do something else that day, I got it written down here somewhere, but I’m sure I don’t have time to hang out with you.”

(How petty––that BigJ––he is so petty.)

So, for tonight’s celebratory dinner, we shall eat BigJ’s world-renown fresh Guacamole made from scratch, C-Jane’s mysteriously slow-cooked Chicken Mole with her homemade tortillas and sangria (wait-a-minute, that’s Spanish…oops) and cheap tequila for BigJ’s famous margaritas. (Tequila/triple sec/lime-juice/orange-juice, shaken and poured over ice in a salt rimmed glass.)

Then, I will break out the maracas and sing “Iyee-iyee-iee-yiaee” as C-Jane plays her Spanish guitar.

picture of a BigJ look-alike singing “Iyeee-Iyaee-Ayee-Yiee”


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