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My Favorite Boy Band

This is a trivial post. On the horizon, there is another big road trip coming up. Soon, we will have plenty of mundane things to chit-chat about. Thursday we will be at the Atomic Test-site in Nevada, Friday we’ll be in Sonoma, California so C-Jane can run the ‘Wine-Country ½ Marathon.’ I don’t run for fun, only for survival. I’m going to Sonoma for the wine.

This post has nothing to do with wine or running, this post is about Boy-Bands. Well, actually, only one Boy-Band; The Beatles.

(Yes, I’m avoiding writing about the truth. Before I deleted all my ‘truthy’ posts in July, I had stated that my integrity was for sale, all I needed was a book contract and I’d shut up. Two weeks later, I was signing a book deal. So ride your own shortbus to hell, I’m going down quietly.)

So, with that said, I’m going to write about my favorite boy-band, The Beatles. Revolver is my favorite Beatles album. It is within my top-twenty albums of all time; and believe me, I have listened to many albums and I own over 400 on CD. Music is my muse, my inspiration.

Why Revolver? Well, as far as ‘hits’ are concerned, the album offered ‘Good Day Sunshine,’ ‘Eleanor Rigby,’ and ‘Yellow Submarine.’ Two out of three of those I think are the worst on the album, the true genius of the album is all the ‘off-tracks’ that were ignored by popular media. Songs like ‘And Your Bird Can Sing,’ ‘Love You Too,’ ‘Taxman,’ and ‘Here, There, and Everywhere’ were ignored completely by the pop-media moguls. This album was totally revolutionary.

One year earlier, Help! showed some early signs of the change coming, and Rubber Soul which came out in-between had some worthy tunes, but Revolver was so radical in its time. In 1966, with the release of Revolver, The Beatles kicked off the entire hippy movement. Is that a bold statement? Contest it, please.

Seriously, who was there in ’66; the Trogs? the Rolling Stones? The Who was still a local band in london, and Eric Clapton; where was he? The Doors were still reading Aldous Huxley, Jimi Hendrix was still playing the blues, and the Grateful Dead hadn’t yet been born in ’66.

But the Beatles, who only three years earlier, had driven little girls wild with ‘Love, Love Me Do’ and ‘Twist and Shout,’ was now beginning a revolution in both spirit and in mind. Yes, the critics say Abbey Road was the Beatles pinnacle effort, and it is a brilliant album, but Revolver was truly Earth-shattering.

(See, now that I’m writing in the acceptable-politically-correct arena, life is truly boring and safe. It really is much nicer here with my head in the sand. I’m happier, you are happier, and I won’t be kidnapped by my own government and taken to another country to be tortured. Think about that for a little while. This is why I’m writing about the Beatles release forty-five years past.)


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