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Reviving the Bus Driver

This blog is too crazy. I tell everyone I’m done, I’m throwing the towel, I’m getting the driver out of the ring. On that same day, six new people step aboard the Shortbus and take their seats on the ride to hell.

Alright, get the defibrillator and the smelling salts. If we can get the driver on his feet, we’ll shove him back into the ring. However, if we are going to try and keep this bus rolling, there must be some new rules.

Rules that make sense, but are difficult to follow.

Umm, on #9, you misspelled rhythm.

Here is an idea for rule #1, I write when there is something to say, and not just because it is ‘time to post something.’ I write out of obligation on the Skyrim FanFic blog. Every Monday in that place, I post 1K-words. That isn’t too bad, really, but I’m also writing short stories for sale, and a third novel. When writing becomes an obligation, it becomes work—the Shortbus should remain fun.

Rule #2, I’ll try and avoid writing about politics. Red or Blue, they aren’t anyone’s pal. Journalist Michael Hastings made an important point about politics just over a week ago, and the cannibals of ‘big-money news’ glossed right over his story. If you don’t know Mr. Hastings, well, someone killed him—that, or his car magically exploded in Hollywood. The only asshole who is going to kill me…is me.

Mine arrived in the mail the other day.

Mine arrived in the mail the other day.

Rule #3 is a continuation of an unnamed rule that has always been on the Shortbus to Hell. I hate sports. HATE sports and will NEVER endorse any athlete or team that is in it for the money. I write because I love the art—I make a shit ounce of money. Contrary to the rule, if you play a sports game for the sake of the game, I can respect that absolutely. Once the line is crossed into ‘Wheaties and Nike,’ F-off, I’m not flipping a nickel your way—let alone a word.

Rule #4, I will avoid book reviews on the Shortbus. Find me on Goodreads. There are two Jake Elliots on Goodreads. The other Jake Elliot writes “Doctor Who audio book(s)” and I write zombie porn stories and heretic books. It really isn’t as bad as I make it sound. The fact is my zombie porn story was one of the soft-core tales in that particular anthology.

For real, story #8 is by Jake Elliot.

For real, story #8 is by Jake Elliot. (My name is listed on left column near bottom.) Picture is by courtesy of Angelic Knight Press

However, movies will be fair game on the Shortbus. It seems 99% of all movies C-Jane and I watch are through Netflix, thanks to Peter Jackson. The Hobbit was so awful, it was the final $25-bucks Hollywood will Jew out of us. Screw you blockbusters, I’ll watch you from my couch––naked if I please (never, unless we’re watching zombie porn.) I’ll eat my twenty cents worth of popcorn without paying $5.50 for it.

Correction; I can’t believe I said that, I must be a God-Damned Nazi!! If you are Jewish, and my above statement has angered you, please feel free to leave an equally inappropriate comment in my comment box. There will be no caustic or acidic response from me—I poked your eye, feel free to poke one of mine. ONE please, I can’t type without eyes.


However, at times I’ve called situations ‘Retarded’ and sometimes even ‘Gay,’ yet in truth; I have no animosity toward mentally handicapped people nor am I homophobic. This time, I felt ‘Jewed’ out of my money as being the best descriptor in this instance. Among the few things I truly hate, I hate political correctness. PS-the word ‘Shyster’ has Jewish origins, and also, ‘Usury’ was invented by the Jewish culture. Now, without any ill-will, I wish you all a nice day.


Crashing the Shortbus

Yup, killed to death.

Yup, killed to death.

I felt the tires slip upon the tarmac and wheel go wild in my hands. Sliding noisily, the shortbus missed its turn and elbowed around a tree, its driver flung like bloody meat through the windshield. There were no survivors.

What happened? Was it a banana peel? No, it was a royalties check. I won’t say how bad the royalties check was, but it was awful. It was bad enough that I would intentionally drive my bus into a tree to collect the insurance money––but there is a minor setback. Shortbus drivers are uninsured.

What will I do now that my shortbus is a mangled wreck? Walk away? Some friends suggest I self-publish my next book. Take control over pricing, and be able to offer my third and greatest book to readers for free. One of my author friends has done well with self-publishing—comparative to my awful royalties check.


Being a fan of Jesus, I’m going to tell a Shortbus style parable. Here you go…

One upon a time there was a telemetry technician who worked in a hospital. He knew how to interpret cardiac rhythms so as to help medical teams quickly respond to critically ill patients and save lives. He was very attentive, and fairly astute at determining dangerous heart changes from non-dangerous rhythms.

But one ICU manager didn’t like how this technician sat around watching computer screens all day. She didn’t think watching over sick, critically ill patients was enough work for the tech. So, she and her micro-managing charge nurse conspired against the tech who watched over the sick and the dying. Although it wasn’t his duty, they made him transfer doctors’ orders to nursing charts. A duty that averted the telemetry technician’s focus from dangerous and sometimes fatal heart rhythms to charting medicines he wasn’t educated in the use of, or proper dosing. The ICU manager said, “You’ll figure it out.”

One day, while the telemetry tech was trying to read a doctor’s shitty scribble, a patient went into a fatal cardiac rhythm—and died. The tech was blamed for not doing his job—and fired. The end.


Nice parable, aye? It might be true, or maybe not. Jesus was never clear, so why should I be?

The point is this, I am a writer. I am not a publisher. Some people might have two heads and with their two heads be good at wearing two hats, but I have no desire to slack my primary duty to make way for one I’m not educated to perform. It is hard enough writing a book. Then selling that book, and then marketing that book. I have no interest in being the publisher too.

The shortbus is crashed, but there are other facets of my writing to be found for free.

Here is my fantasy fiction hobby blog—

Here is my professional webpage—

Dead Cupid


How to Get to Ireland When You are Poor

Ireland 027

C-Jane and I just got back from Ireland. Many people have said, “WTF? We make twenty-times what you make in a year, and we can’t go to Ireland!” That is a true statement, if you’re a fry-cook for a fast-food restaurant, you made twice as much money as I did last year, I promise. It is said that 10% of all professional writers make over $10,000 a year; I am among the 90%.

So, how does a poor bastard like Big-J get to Ireland for a week? Part of it is savings from the evil hospital job that I foolishly/wisely left a couple years ago. But that is only marginal. Here are the major contributors to having a week long international vacation.

Ireland 199

1) Ireland is hurting for money

Ireland has financially suffered like the U.S. is about to suffer. To help pull themselves out of their mess, they’ve offered awesome vacation packages to stimulate their economy. To get our great deal, we had to buy our package a year ago, but it was such a sweet deal that C-Jane and I couldn’t refuse. $1200 for both of us, covering hotels and breakfasts, transportation via tour bus, and visiting three cities including Dublin for Saint Patrick’s Day.

2) No cable/satellite television

By sacrificing this useless service, we’ve saved over $600 each year for the last two years. Not only did that cover the cost of our tour, but neither of us have been brainwashed, leaving us as free thinking people. We also suffer less from fear and anxiety than most Americans, thanks to the absence of constant media programing.

3) Basic phone plan

We do not have smart phones. We spend $125 less per month than the average American couple for phone service. This covered our air-fare. Verizon gives lots of money to political groups that are tricking us out of our rights. As free-thinking Americans, we want to limit their ability to continue giving our money to political groups that don’t represent the majority of Americans. Once our contract with them is over, we will find a cheaper phone plan and save more money for our next trip AND continue the fight to maintain our rights.

Ireland 215

4) No debt

C-Jane has paid off her student loans at a great sacrifice—she worked, and as a result paid them. We own our cars and we rent an affordable apartment. People who watch cable/satellite TV tend to believe the lies about the value of owning a home. Barely 1% of all Americans own a home; it is the banks who own them—as proven by the thousands of loan defaults over the past six years. C-Jane and I cut our credit cards into tiny pieces years ago. We are free.

5) Economy cars

C-Jane has a hybrid Honda, I drive an Elantra. We average 37MPG and we try to go everywhere together making one big circular route to knock out our errands. We pay $60 per month on gasoline.

6) Waste reduction

We waste nothing. The average American throws away tons of stuff every year. We take home un-eaten food from restaurants, we eat out as little as we can, we cook at home, we plan our meals, we wear our clothes until they serve us no longer, we shop at farmers’ markets, and we rent movies through Netflix as opposed to shelling out $22 per movie.

7) No children

Enough said. We all choose how we live. C-Jane and I have chosen to go to Ireland with our limited money, not produce expensive rug-rats. I realize some people actually want children, and I believe that if the above six points were sacrificed as aggressively as we have done, you and your children could go to Ireland for a week. Hell, if you aren’t a writer, you’d have tons of expendable money.

Ireland 160


Nothing Good Can Come From This

This post is nonsense, and nothing good can come from this.  It has been a month since I’ve written anything for this blog, and this is crap.

In the way-old days, (late 80′s) way back then, I used to get paranoid when I smoked weed. Now, I’m just paranoid all the time. It is annoying, and I’m not even high. Like I said, I’m just writing this to write something. Nothing means anything anymore. Life is devalued. Does anyone understand what I’m saying?



I’m sick of writing. I write fun books that nobody will buy. My new attitude is, “Why should I give away anything for free?” Nothing is free — everything is expensive. Do you want something free to read? Buy yourself a box of pencils and write it yourself. Oh, that isn’t free, the pencils cost something.  Go to a public park and carve your story in a bench with a knife–still not free. You paid for that bench by paying taxes and someone paid for the knife. Steal a roll of toilet paper from Taco Bell and write your lifelong manifesto with the blood from your slit wrists.

That would be art.



That chick is dead.

That movie was art.

What a fantastic movie–Alien. Why can’t there ever be a movie that cool again? I’d used this picture on my Facebook page for about 12 hours, but no one like it. My life has been reduced to being defined by ‘likes.’ I got no likes for this picture. Does the crying lady (Lambert) have her hands in her pockets? That is classic defiance — “Fuck you death, I’ve got my hands in my pockets. Smoke your own damn cigarette.” For those of you who don’t know, she (Lambert) gets her face bitten off within the next five seconds.

Continuing on our little stroll of “Nothing good can come from this,” I’ll add one more picture with commentary. I love pictures!!

Gump Cat


I want new legs too.

Lieutenant Dan, don’t give up on life. It is a gift.

Remember when you were up in the crow’s nest, on that fishin’ boat, yelling at God ’cause you got no legs? Thunder and lightning, hurricane winds, and you’re like “You can’t kill me God!!” Well, Lieutenant Dan, God didn’t have to, he blew off both your legs–you were already dead on the inside.





The Shortbus Post – News from the Front Line

The Shortbus limps along. This is a strange limbo I am in. I’ve gone from revolutionary—to salesman. I swear the Mayans did it.

You know, fighting the powers of evil was an awesome career path—back when our days were numbered. I realize now that time never stops, it just keeps on moving on. I say screw fighting evil, that’s another task we should lay upon Gen Y. Sorry guys, I’m gonna pass the buck to you and go get rich—thanks for the love.

What a sell-out. – Yup – but first, a bad review.

An e-book reviewer who has a modest amount of clout is about to give my second novel a moderate review. I have respect for this critic, I’d received a very balanced review for my first book and I like the reviewer’s honesty. I didn’t ask him to read my book for fluff and praise, but for his opinion––and he doesn’t like the sequel.

Well, “dammit.”

Hey-hey-hey! that's MY book your trashing!!

Hey-hey-hey! that’s MY book your trashing!!

I haven’t seen the full report yet, but he was kind enough to fire a warning shot over the bow of my ship. I’m now bracing for impact. What makes this very confusing is he’s the fourth reviewer to come back out of a total of six. The first three reviews were impressively complimentary, and the other two reviews are from people who vanished into thin air. Flakes, I think that’s what they are called, but I’m not sure. Perhaps late bloomers.

So the Shortbus rolls on, limping along and trying to get somewhere other than over the side of “THE FISCAL CLIFF.” Damn you dead Mayans! This is all your fault!

My publicist is relaxed and super cool, he says, “We’ll pick out all the good stuff and leave the rest on the side of the road,” or something sort of like that, but I actually chuckle inside. This coming review is my Karma. If I didn’t talk so much smack while driving the Shortbus, my fiction would be praised by all as the greatest stories ever to be written. People would throw rose petals and lay palm fronds at my feet so I’d never be dirtied by touching the ground—or, back to reality, maybe not everyone will love my books as I do.

Here is a link to my books page on my central webpage.

Here is a link to Free Samplings of my style of fiction writing.


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